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When you buy a home, you’re not just buying a physical structure. You’re buying into the neighbourhood. The types of people who live there, the local shops, the parks, swimming pools and restaurants all contribute to the overall feel of the area, and make it distinct from other neighbourhoods.

Where to Buy Now: the inside scoop on the city’s next 10 neighbourhoods

In a relentlessly hot market, buyers are starved for great housing stock, prices that mortals can afford, walkable blocks with great restaurants and green spaces, plus neighbours who might actually talk to you. Sure, it’s an impossible dream. Unless you’re looking here: the inside scoop on 10 amazing pockets with value and character to burn

Neighbourhood on the rise.

Among Toronto neighbourhoods, Dovercourt Park is something of an unsung hero.

Neither seedy enough to attract rising chefs with cult followings, nor gentrified enough to send real estate values out of sight, it’s long been a stalwart area where immigrants find a community, twentysomethings are able to rent a decent apartment, and first-time buyers can purchase a semi and fix it up.